College Basketball Rankings updated

My weekly college basketball rankings have been updated.  You can find them here and compare them to others on Massey Ratings College Basketball Comparison.

7 thoughts on “College Basketball Rankings updated

  1. Hi Jeff,

    I am a fan of your College Basketball Rankings. I believe that you will agree that as of 8:00 P.M. last night, yours are the only noteworthy Ratings which have not been updated yet for this week on the Massey Basketball Comparison.

    I figure there are several possibilities and one of those is that you did the update, but it never showed up properly on the website that Massey acquires it from. Just a friendly reminder in case you did not know that we can not see your Ratings now.

    Good Luck.

    Phil Zorn


  2. Hi Jeff,

    I guess we all are amazed at the number of pure upsets in this year’s NCAA Tournament. I believe you still did weekly updates during the Tournament last year. Should you have a new update posted for this week?

    Good Luck with your Bracket.

    Phil Zorn


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