2018 MLB Regular Season Final Rankings

The regular season has finally come to an end with the Dodgers and Brewers winning their games today to win their divisions. Here’s how the playoff teams finished in my rankings:

  1. Boston
  2. Houston
  3. New York Yankees
  4. Oakland
  5. Los Angeles Dodgers
  6. Milwaukee
  7. Chicago Cubs
  8. Colorado
  9. Atlanta
  10. Cleveland (They were actually 14th in my final rankings. Weak schedule)

Even though Boston won 108 games, I would have to give the edge to Houston. They gave up only 534 runs this year while Boston allowed 647. That is a big difference.

Looking at run differential, it stacks up like this:

  1. Houston +263
  2. Boston +230
  3. Los Angeles +192
  4. New York +182
  5. Cleveland +171
  6. Oakland +140
  7. Chicago +116
  8. Atlanta +105
  9. Milwaukee +92
  10. Colorado +35

My complete rankings can be found here.

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