NFL Week 4

Some thoughts from Week 4:

Patrick Mahomes

I had not seen Patrick Mahomes play until the fourth quarter of Monday night’s game. Wow! His ability to scramble and still find the receivers downfield reminds me of Aaron Rodgers, Steve Young, John Elway and Fran Tarkenton. We’ll see if it lasts.

Why did Carolina and Washington get a bye week after only three weeks of football? Can’t the NFL come up with a better plan? Can’t they give every team a bye between weeks 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11? It seems like the players would benefit from it in the middle of the season. But when has the NFL ever taken players’ health into concern?

The roughing the passer rule continues to be a joke. I’m thinking that by the time the 2019 season rolls around, it will be illegal to even breathe on the quarterback.

It looks like this is one of those years for Atlanta where everything goes wrong. Losing three starters on the defense will do that to you. The good news is they should get a good draft pick.

My top 5 teams

  1. LA Rams
  2. Kansas City
  3. Baltimore
  4. Cincinnati
  5. Carolina

My bottom 5 teams

  1. NY Jets
  2. NY Giants
  3. Houston
  4. Detroit
  5. Arizona

See my complete rankings here.

Most surprising team through the first quarter of the season

The Baltimore Ravens. I thought this was going to be a long year for them, but Joe Flacco has been rejuvenated and the defense is playing really well.

Most disappointing team through the first quarter of the season

This one is easy. Pittsburgh. They are in total chaos right now. Stubborn owners who refuse to pay their best weapon. Now the relationship appears to be permanently broken.

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