College football Week 8

We are now 8 weeks into the college football season. It seems like the season just started. The playoff picture looks a little clearer. Alabama and Clemson are head and shoulders better than anyone else in college football this year.

That crashing sound you heard yesterday was Ohio State’s playoff chances after they were destroyed by Purdue 49-20.

Don’t look now, but Chip Kelly has UCLA on a two game winning streak.

SEC dominates the rankings

Is the SEC once again claiming supremacy in the FBS? Well, my rankings this week have six of the top eight teams from the SEC. Add four more to round out the top 25. That’s 10 of the top 25!

Need a reason to love college football?

Old Dominion got a crazy win last night against Western Kentucky. Clock winds down to no time left with score tied at 34. But ODU is flagged with a roughing the passer penalty that allows Western Kentucky to attempt a 57 yard FG. They miss the kick but ODU was penalized again. This time for having 12 men on the field. WKU now tries a 52 yard FG. They miss it again but this time ODU has a player in the end zone who runs the kick back all the way to the WKU 17 yard line. So going to overtime. But wait, WKU is flagged for a grabbing a face mask. So since a game can’t end on a penalty, ODU kicks a FG to win the game.

What happened to the Alabama offense?

This years Alabama offense is averaging over 50 points per game. This is not your father’s Alabama. Hell, this isn’t the Alabama offense from 5 years ago. This offense is unstoppable as far as I can see. Dominant line. 5 star skill players. And a QB who seems to throw the perfect pass nearly every time.


My weekly FBS rankings are here.

My weekly FCS rankings are here.

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